Please join us on Zoom for Shabbat celebrations of Erev Sukkot and Erev Shemini Atzeret.

Sukkot is a joyful festival, one of Judaism’s three central pilgrimage festivals, along with Passover and Shavuot. Erev Sukkot services will be held on Friday, October 2 on Zoom. You can sign up on this page below.

In-person outdoor Sukkot services will be held on Sunday, October 4 beginning at 9:30 am at CoM. The services will contain a recitation of Hallel, read on particular festive holidays. These beautiful psalms have been read since ancient times and continue our connection to Jewish communities around the world and through the ages. You can also shake the lulav and enjoy the scent of the etrog.

After services on Sukkot, we will enjoy socially-distant crafting, games and bring-your-own dairy lunch. Please also bring masks and your own chairs.

Shemini Atzeret is the holiday that bridges Sukkot and Simchat Torah. It is traditional to include the Yizkor, or memorial service, as part of the liturgy for this day.

Simchat Torah is characterized by joyful dancing with the Torah. The final portion of the Book of Deuteronomy is read in the synagogue followed by the beginning of the Book of Genesis, allowing the annual cycle of Torah readings to continue unbroken. Simchat Torah services will be held in-person (weather permitting) at the Congregation of Moses on Sunday October 11 beginning at 9:30 am. We will enjoy Torah-dancing and ice cream treats!

Shabbat morning services for both Sukkot and Shemini Atzeret will also be held on Zoom. You can sign up here.



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