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Yom Kippur
September 25
Will attendYom Kippur Morning Services with Yizkor
Monday, September 25, 9:00 AM

Will attendPresentation and discussion:
Recent Supreme Court Decisions and the Establishment Clause

Monday, September 25, 4:30 PM

Evidence the Christian Right is trying to force non-Christians to follow Christian law and practice such as prayer in school, contraception, abortion, Death with Dignity and LGBTQ rights.-Led by Bruce Stein
Will attendMincha
Monday, September 25, 5:30 PM

Will attendNeila
Monday, September 25, 6:45 PM

Will attendFinal Shofar Blowing & Break-the-Fast, 8:15pm
Monday, September 25, 8:15 PM

September 30
Will attendSukkot Morning Services
Saturday, September 30, 9:30 AM

Simchat Torah
October 6
Will attendSimchat Torah Celebration at TBI
Friday, October 6, 6:00 PM