New Yahrzeit Board at CoM

For the first time in many years, the Congregation of Moses has a new Yahrzeit board! We had run out of space to feature the plaques of members’ loved ones, zichronam livracha, in our sanctuary. The new board will be installed on one of the walls of the sanctuary, forward of the doors.

Memorial boards are a reminder of the importance of l’dor v’dor, “from generation to generation,” and as we approach the High Holy Days, please consider making a donation. Thanks to pledges from a few congregants, we were able to order the board, but additional support will help us pay the remaining costs. A goal of $3,800 has been established to cover the remaining cost of the board, as well as the installation and mounting for which professional services are required.

You can make your donation here to help honor those who came before us. Thank you for your generous support!