Fear and anxiety about a new disease can be overwhelming, causing strong emotions in adults and children. Many people are experiencing anxiety and depression over Covid worries and stress caused by political, economic and social justice issues. According to the American Psychological Association, stress levels are at record highs.

You or someone you care about may be experiencing symptoms such as these:
• Fear and worry about your own health, the health of your loved ones, your financial situation or job, or loss of support services.
• Changes in sleep or eating patterns.
• Difficulty sleeping or concentrating.
• Worsening of chronic health problems.
• Worsening of mental health conditions.
• Increased use of tobacco, alcohol or other substances.

Dr. Larry Beer
Dr. Larry Beer

Psychologist and CoM member Larry Beer will talk with us about how to be resilient during this time of Covid and other national crises and offer some coping strategies. Dr. Beer will draw upon his expertise and experience to help us find strength and resiliency now during this time of crisis. The conversation will be open to all ages. There will be a question and answer session at the end of the presentation. Dr. Larry Beer is a licensed psychologist and licensed professional counselor at Child and Family Psychological Services, PC, a private mental health clinic which he founded in 1989. He specializes in treating Anxiety and Mood disorders in addition to relationship problems. He has been deployed by the American Red Cross to six national disaster sites, including Hurricane Andrew and the World Trade Center in 2001. He and his family have been members of CoM since 1985.

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