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On Sunday, March 28, at 6:00 pm, join with your family and community for the Congregation of Moses Second Night Seder.

Rabbi Spivak will lead the Seder using the Kveller Hagaddah (46MB). The Seder readings will be presented on the screen in case you do not want to download the Haggadah.

English and Hebrew readings will be available by sign up. When you register, please indicate if you would be willing to participate with a reading during the Seder.

The signup for is below and the Zoom link for the Seder will be included in your confirmation email.

So fix a nice dinner, gather with those you love, pour some wine and come join us. If you’d like to order your Passover dinner to go, we have some suggestions. You can get complete dinners from either Fieldstone Grill or Oakwood Bistro. If you prefer a Kosher meal, Chabad House is offering complete Kosher Seder dinner packages. All meals must be ordered in advance so please take a look.

We wish everyone a healthy and happy Passover!

Thank you for signing up for the CoM Second Night Seder!

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