Committees are the lifeblood of the activities and operations of the synagogue. Curious about the work of a committee? Send a message to any committee chair in the list below and find out more.

Archives Committee
Chair: Art Feinberg
Collects and maintains material that relates the history of the CoM. Make records available upon request of congregants.
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Cemetery Committee
Chair: Bruce Minsley
Helps individuals obtain burial plots in the Jewish cemetery, and arranges for maintenance and care of the cemetery. The committee also monitors the Cemetery Fund.
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Colef Tzedakah Committee
Chair: Carolyn Kennedy
Determines grants from the bequest of Eugene Colef, who specified that the income is to be used to benefit the needy.
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Communications Committee
Co-chairs: Brad Kennedy/Carolyn Kennedy
Develops and maintains the synagogue website, email marketing and communication, monthly bulletin, social media, lobby monitor and listserv. The committee manages communications within our congregation and with the community at large.
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Etz Chaim
Chair: Ken Goodman
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Executive Committee
Chair: Brad Hershbein
Consists of synagogue officers and oversees all committees. The Executive Committee creates the agenda for Board meetings.
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Facilities Operating Committee
Chair: Bruce Stein
Oversees all aspects of building maintenance, operational needs and security. The chairperson oversees the Building Manager.
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Finance Committee
Chair: Art Feinberg
Prepares the Synagogue budget, developing, monitoring and streamlining fundraisers. It provides ideas on fundraising events throughout the year.
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Governance Committee
Chair: Beth Grode
Proposes improvements or changes to our by-laws. It also includes the nominating committee which is made up of a new committee each year (3 past presidents, 3 board members, 3 congregants) who meet to propose a slate of Officers and Board of Directors.
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Israel Affairs Committee
Chair: Nomi-Kluger-Nash
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Kitchen Committee
Co-chairs: Gail Brot/Joanne Simon
The purpose of this committee is to keep the synagogue campus kosher, the kitchen well-stocked with defined essentials, monitor the kitchen’s cleanliness, and maintain its accessibility. We also train synagogue members and outside caterers who wish to cook in the kosher kitchen.
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Membership Committee
Works to grow the membership and to retain members by seeking to establish a relationship with unaffiliated families in the area; developing advertising to encourage membership, reach out to current members to encourage greater participation.
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Outreach/Social Action
Chair: Judy Davis-Rosenthal
Liaison between Congregation of Moses and local churches. Deliver talks to church groups at Friday evening services.
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Religious Activities Committee
Co-Chairs: Brad Hershbein/Saraphoena Koffron
Prepares for High Holidays (logistics, aliyot, etc.) and is involved with the Rabbi in preparing content of services for all holidays,
Shabbat, etc.
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Synagogue Connection Committee
Chair: RaeLee Howard
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