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Sorry, registration for the Community Seder has closed.
We've reached the maximum number of registrations that we can handle.

Beginning at 5:30 pm at Congregation of Moses, until about 8:30 pm

Join us for an intergenerational, lively Seder experience! We're planning a buffet-style vegetarian dinner, with something for everyone.

The menu will consist of: fish main dish, veggie matzo ball soup, potatoes and vegetables, plus Pesach standards of hard boiled eggs, matzah and charoset. For dessert: cheesecake, macaroons and chocolate covered matzah. 

$30.00 per adult, $15 per child (age 4-17), free for kids under 4, with a maximum cost per family of $90.

"All who are hungry, let them enter and eat; all who are in need, let them come celebrate Pesach."
No one will be excluded from our community seder because of lack of funds. Please contact Rabbi Goldman for financial assistance.


    Who's coming?

    • Rabbi S.
    • Wilma K.
    • Emily H.
    • Phil O.
    • Rabbi G.
    • Harvey F.
    • Jennifer O.
    • Laura P.
    • gerry t.
    • Henry & Ellen W.
    • Brandt L.
    • MICHAEL K.
    • David and Sue G.
    • Buffy and Jeff S.
    • Hilary S.
    • Iris C.
    • Colleen T.
    • Megan W.
    • valerie E.
    • Neal B.
    • Dennis & Linda M.
    • Danielle M.
    • Marla F.
    • Shelly P.
    • Patricia C.
    • Raye Z.
    • Nan G.
    • Brad and Emily H.
    • Tom W.
    • Tony K.
    • Cheryl and Michael T.
    • .
    • Jacob W.
    • Rhonda K.
    • Linda R.
    • Gail S.
    • Robyn L.
    • Jenifer and Isaac, maybe Ellie R.
    • Jill H.
    • Michelle S.
    • Michelle S.
    • Katelyn and Logan C.
    • Christopher L.
    • Emma J.
    • Joan H.
    • Cary M.
    • Joe and Betty H.
    • Sandy, Gloria Besbris, Wanda Furdered R.
    • Rae Lee H.
    • Teri O.
    • Brad K.
    • angie s.
    • Rich W.
    • Marv B.
    • Paul N.
    • Linda F.
    • Sophia D.
    • Michael, Diane T.