Can you keep a secret?

This is an historic year for Congregation of Moses, in that our three senior staff members will be retiring!

In early April, Shirley Mengel and Rod Anderson will be retiring and Rabbi Spivak will be departing this July. Over 100 years of combined experience will be leaving! Since Shirley and Rod are leaving early in April, we would like to invite you to send a contribution towards a gift for each of them in the amount of your choosing. All checks will be combined together. We’d also like to encourage you to send cards and photos of memorable interactions, which will be compiled in a memory album for each of them. Please respond quickly. Our deadline is March 15!

Cards, photos and donations made by check may be sent to:
Diane Fogel
3416 Dunn’s Ridge
Kalamazoo, MI 49006
• Be sure to include a caption for the photos.
• Make checks payable to Congregation of Moses, with “Rod and Shirley” on the message line.

Or use the form below to pay by credit card.

Questions? Contact our Program Director Sharon Kaufman Please don’t call the office!

We hope you are doing well and look forward to seeing you soon!