We’re on a mission.

In the coming months, with help and guidance from Rabbi Hannah Estrin, the people of the Congregation of Moses will explore what it means to be Jewish and in particular, what it means to be Jewish in Kalamazoo. We’ll venture into the Wilderness and take a long, in-depth look at ourselves as a local congregation and as members of the national and worldwide Jewish communities. In doing so, we’ll arrive at new places of understanding, confidence and motivation. This is your opportunity to engage, to disagree and to participate in civilized discussion of the most important issues facing our congregation. The programs listed below will help provide the background and context to allow us to ask thoughtful questions that will help move CoM forward.

If you can do nothing else in the coming months, lend your voice to the conversation. Your ideas and experience will provide invaluable guidance and direction that will affect the Kalamazoo Jewish community for generations to come.

Thursdays, December 9 and 16, 7:00 pm at CoM
Tour the towns of the ancient Rabbinical Court, tracing their exile and reemergence after the destruction of the Temple in 70 CE. Explore how their struggles with some of the fundamental questions around the survival of Judaism can help us understand Jewish life today.