Finding the “I” in Siddur
Welcome to the Boker Tov Series

Together we will use the words of Jewish prayers to open our hearts and souls to ourselves, God and others. I invite you to take ten minutes each Tuesday to start your day off with some Jewish spirituality that you can carry with you through the week.

If you have an extra 10 minutes to spend after we finish, I encourage you to pull out your favorite journal. Take 5 minutes to reflect on what we learned and how both you and God show up in that concept. Then take 5 minutes to just be, you might call it meditation, just be with anything that came up during the previous 15 minutes.

Bring something to write on and with. If you have a siddur, bring that as well. And of course, be kind to yourself, be grateful and take your awareness into the day. I look forward to seeing you on ZOOM soon!

Rabbi Estrin